I have lived in the city of Lacey with my wife, Karena, and two daughters for over 18 years. At a young age, I developed a strong passion for serving others and justice .

Currently I work in the banking industry, a career that has taught me the importance of being fiscally responsible. Prior to that, I worked for the Department of Defense. That experience, and the fact that my wife is a veteran, fosters my passion to support my military brothers and sisters.

My passion for serving others has drawn me towards volunteer opportunities including :

  • Mentoring youth through Celebrate Recovery
  • Thurston County 5K Race Against Trafficking, Director
  • Church Mens Ministry Leader
  • Church Worship Ministry Musician

I see serving on the Lacey City Council as another opportunity to serve my wonderful community. My desire is to make life better and safer for those who live, work, and do business in our city.

Campaign Priorities

Homelessness - My desire is to prevent any increase of homelessness in our city and to eradicate the current homeless community in the City of Lacey. My desire for our current homeless population is to create pathways to critical services that elevate people into a more stable lifestyle. It is undignified, unsafe, and unsanitary for people to reside in tents or makeshift shelters. My goal beis to provide basic clean shelter out of the elements, healthy meals, laundry facilities, ample security, and access to critical services like basic medical services, mental healthcare, and basic skills job training skills. If homeless residents are unwilling to participate in these services, I will work with my fellow council members to relocate them to a different area.

Strategic Plan for Seniors - Our mature citizen base is growing quickly. They have seen more mistakes than most of us have seen successes, and their experience and guidance can help us as we navigate the future changes in our city. I will work to implement a Strategic Plan for our communitys seniors, including goals and priorities to increase:

  • Active senior engagement in our community through targeted volunteer opportunities
  • Expanded senior services including a larger senior center
  • Achievement recognition and awards
  • Senior Citizens Council

Growth Management - Most of the residents in Lacey do not work in Lacey. I will work to increase family wage jobs in the city of Lacey through:

  • Marketing to attract businesses including attracting and planning for a city of Lacey auto mall
  • Business retention and expansion
  • Internet retail business management
  • Increased marketing for Laceys ADU financing program